Military: Fisher, Mathias - H. D. Foster Letters

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  • Title Military: Fisher, Mathias - H. D. Foster Letters 
    Short Title Military: Fisher, Mathias - H. D. Foster Letters 
    Publisher National Archives, Textual Reference Branch 
    Call Number Revoltutionary War Pension No. S22239 
    Source ID SR51 
    Text The following letters, describe a conflict in the distribution of Mathias Fisher's Revolutionary War pension following his death in Feb 1834. The first letter from H.D. Foster states that one of Mathias' children sought to block distribution of his pension by refusing to relinquish their claim to the executor of Mathias' will. The second letter indicates that this bid was unsuccessful. Clues to who tried to block the pension are found in Mathias Fisher's will.

    In his will, Mathias appoints son Abel Fisher as executor. Mathias also gifts all land owned by him to Abel. Both statements are unusual since typically the eldest son would be appointed executor and inherit any land owned by his father. Mathias' eldest son was John Fisher to whom he leaves only five dollars. Mathias' other children receive more typical inheritance. Youngest son Thomas is granted $100. Rachel, the youngest child and not wed, inherits Mathias' personnel possessions. Mathias' elder daughter Mary, like John, is also awarded only five dollars, but is presumably provided for by her husband Berekiah Stewart. John Fisher is therefore the person most likely to have contested distribution of Mathias' pension.

    The "rule sheets" mentioned in the the second letter are not found in Mathias' pension file in the National Archives.

    See also Mathias Fisher's complete Revolutionary War Pension File No S22239.


    Greensburgh Feb 5th


    Some time since Mathias Fisher of this County died Leaving Five children but no widow. The children are of full age. At the time of his death in February 1833 there was due him a portion of his pension accruing from 4 Sept 1832 until his death. All the children but one have relinquished in favor of the Executor of their Father but one who refuses to have anything to do with the business. The executor then gave a power to draw the share of the children who had relinquished but when the power was presented to the Branch Bank of the United States they declined payment because all the children had not relinquished in favor of the executor who is himself one of the children. If the position of The Bank has assumed in this case it will put it completely in the power of any one of the children of a deceased pensioner to prevent the payment to the other children which would operate with great injustice. The Clerk of the Bank Lawrence suggested the property of writing to you on the subject. I will thank you therefore for your opinion on this subject as soon as convenient. The son who declines to relinquish in this case is determined if he can prevent the payment to the other children.

    your (?)
    H D Foster

    J L Edwards Esq.


    War Dept.
    Pension Office
    Feb. 16 1835


    In reply to your letter of the 5th (?) respecting the case of Mathias Fisher dcd. I have to inform you that the amount due to the four children in this case may be paid notwithstanding the fifth refuses to do anything to obtain the amount due him. The enclosed (?) sheets will show what proof is wanted. You will see what rules are applicable to this case.

    H D Foster, Esq.

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      Original data:
      National Archives Catalog ID: 570910
      National Archives Catalog Title: Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War, compiled 1894 - ca. 1912, documenting the period 1775 - 1784
      Record Group: 93
      Date: 1775-1785
      Short Description: NARA M881. Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.
      Roll: 0837
      State: Pennsylvania
      Regiment: Lochry's Battalion
      Record Type: Individual
      Surname: Fisher
      Given Name: Mathias